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Wild Cubelock Guide: Demons and Madness

Cubelock is one of the newest decks in Hearthstone and despite what skeptics said about the deck, it turns out that the deck is actually pretty consistent and does well across the board in Wild. It started off as a fun deck with a OTK win condition surrounding Doomguard, but it turns out all of […]

Tez Gaming Jan 10, 2018 7:18 pm

Cubelock is one of the newest decks in Hearthstone and despite what skeptics said about the deck, it turns out that the deck is actually pretty consistent and does well across the board in Wild. It started off as a fun deck with a OTK win condition surrounding Doomguard, but it turns out all of that fanciness is not even necessary to make the deck function well against most decks in the current meta.

So what is different about the Wild Cubelock decks? You have access to Voidcaller, which is a much more consistent means of pulling out Demons compared to Skull of Man’ari. You not only do not have to lose tempo by playing a 6 mana weapon that does nothing immediately, but you also get to run two copies of Voidcaller and it is also a decent Cube target if you have multiple demons in your hand. You also have access to Mal’ganis and Sylvanas Windrunner that make the deck significantly better. Darkbomb is another great card that you have access to in Wild, and it is much better than most other early game removals Warlock has access to.

Card Choices

Dark Pact: One of the best ways to trigger deathrattles in the deck while also allowing you to burst heal for 8 HP. It is a very powerful card that enables Cubelock to do what it does best, generate tempo and swing the game in one turn. You can use it on not only Cube or Voidcaller combos, but it can also be used on Sylvanas to setup a budget Mind Control and also ensure N’zoth gets value through your dead Sylvanas.

Kobold Librarian: A solid card draw tool that is extremely efficient. It helps contest the board in the early game, enables your Spellstone and also adds value to Defile by ensuring two waves of the spell are guaranteed against aggressive decks.

Mortal Coil: An efficient means of taking out low HP targets and also offers card draw for just one mana.

Power Overwhelming: It can be used as a temporary buff or burst damage in most cases but it can also double up as a Deathrattle trigger tool in clutch situations to evade Silence or ensure guaranteed value out of your Deathrattle cards like Voidcaller, Possessed Lackey and Carnivorous Cube.

Darkbomb: A solid early game removal that is very good against aggressive decks. Its absence from Standard definitely has left a hole in the Warlock early game in the format and it still is one of the best early game removals to have ever been printed for the class.

Defile: One of the strongest AOE spells in the game at dealing with aggressive decks. With cards like Mortal Coil and Kobold Librarian to synergize with, Defile can be the bane of aggro decks if timed right. It is one of the strongest early game board control cards and you should definitely have two of these in any mid range or control Warlock deck.

Prince Taldaram: Prince Taldaram is a highly powerful tech choice in the deck and you can copy your Deathrattles or Demons (or enemy ones) to squeeze in extra value out of your deck. It is particularly good with cards like Voidlord, Carnivorous Cube and Mal’ganis.

Hellfire: Warlocks’ bread and butter AOE spell that just gets the job done against aggressive decks while also enabling your Spellstone if you have it in your hand.

Lesser Amethyst Spellstone: With multiple cards in the deck to enable its effect, you can easily see yourself upgrading the card to get big health swings while also removing threats from the board, or even using it to trigger your own Deathrattles to get value out of them while also healing up.

Voidcaller: Voidcaller is one of the best replacements for Skull of Man’ari in Wild and it does the same job even better. While you do not get the permanent effect of Skull, you do have the ability to pull out your minions much faster and it also adds Deathrattle value to your N’zoth, while also being a semi-decent Cube target to pull minions out of.

Carnivorous Cube: The namesake card of the deck. Cube is an extremely powerful card in Warlock thanks to Dark Pact, which allows you to get some crazy tempo on board and completely shut down enemy decks in some cases. More often than not, pulling off your combo on a Voidlord can lead to aggro decks conceding immediately.

Doomguard: We have only one copy of Doomguard and you ideally want it to be pulled out of one of your summon effects and should play it from hand only when you absolutely need to.

Possessed Lackey: Possessed Lackey allows you to summon a Demon from your deck and with limited high value demons in the deck, you are always assured to pull out high value minions.

Emperor Thaurissan: Emperor Thaurissan is a solid card in the deck since the deck tends to hoard a lot of cards in hand and with more than half the deck consisting of cards that cost 4 or more, you can get good value out of him.

Sylvanas Windrunner: Sylvanas is a high value Cube and Dark Pact target as you are able to squeeze out instant value and it is one of the cleanest means of dealing with enemy minions while also ensuring the card is added to the pool of minions N’zoth can bring back. In mirror matchups, Sylvanas is extremely powerful at dealing with enemy Cubes or Voidlords as you can pull them onto your side with Dark Pact or Power Overwhelming.

malganis: Mal’ganis is one of the strongest Demons in the game and pulling it out early on and copying it is an instant win most of the time against aggressive decks.

Voidlord: One of the best epics from Kobolds and Catacombs, pulling out a Voidlord early on through Voidcaller or Possessed Lackey can shut down Aggro decks for multiple turns. And if it manages to stick and you can pull off your Cube and Pact combo, it is a guaranteed win against the meta aggro decks out there.

bloodreaver-guldan: Bloodreaver Gul’dan brings back random demons that died this game and while Voidlord does weaken your Gul’dan turn as you have a high chance of pulling out Voidcallers.

nzoth-the-corruptor: With plenty of high value Deathrattles in the deck including Voidlord and Sylvanas, you can get great value out of Nzoth. You also have Cubes to increase the number of Deathrattle minions that die in a match to squeeze out as much power as possible with N’zoth’s Battlecry.

Deck Code




# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone



Against Aggro

  • Defile
  • Mortal Coil
  • Voidcaller (with Demon in hand, preferably Voidlord or Mal’ganis)
  • Darkbomb
  • Kobold Librarian

Against Control

  • Voidcaller
  • Kobold Librarian
  • Carnivorous Cube (and Dark Pact)
  • Possessed Lackey


Cubelock is an excellent deck that you should give a spin in Wild to see it in its strongest form. The Standard list does feel a little underwhelming at times and it is offset by more early game removals and the presence of powerhouses like Voidcaller and Mal’ganis in the Wild metagame, allowing the deck to be more curved out and do what it does best.


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