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Warrior’s legendary weapon is a powerful recruitment tool

It's the second last legendary weapon to be unveiled.

Tez Gaming Dec 4, 2017 7:38 am

Just hours before the final card reveal stream, Warrior’s legendary weapon card has been revealed.

In Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, each class will receive a legendary weapon in addition to the standard legendary minion in each set.

Warrior’s legendary weapon is an eight mana 3/3. After you attack with it, you Recruit a minion—meaning a random minion from your deck will be summoned to the board.

At eight mana, it’s the most expensive weapon Warrior has ever had. The seven mana Gorehowl was a long-time Control Warrior staple, but its cost and a move towards defensive cards saw it fazed out.

The card’s cost is well-earned though. Being able to summon three minions for free is pretty great value in the right deck. This is almost certainly in a heavy deck, meaning the minions likely cost a fair bet. At 3/3 the stat line is better than Fiery War Axe, so if you summon five mana’s worth of minions you’re hitting about eight mana of value. Anything above that and you’re in profit.

The final cards will be unveiled later today.

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