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Two new Rush cards from The Witchwood unveiled

The new keyword is getting a big push from what we've seen so far.

Paul Walker Mar 27, 2018 4:21 am

Two new cards from The Witchwood have been revealed, the first community unveiling of the expansion.

The cards were shown off by 17173.com, and both make use of one of the set’s new keywords.

Fluffy Wasp is a two mana 1/3 Warrior beast. It has Rush and the new text replacing Enrage, giving it +3 Attack when damaged.

Enrage was not a very popular mechanic, because the idea of it surviving after attacking to attack again for four is not very likely. If some kind of Whirlwind-focused Warrior, especially with the new Warpath Echo card, this could have a place in that.

Muck Hunter is a neutral Epic with Rush, and Leeroy-esque Battlecry. Five mana 5/8 is a nice stat line, but we’ve seen with cards like Hungry Dragon that summoning minions for your opponent never ends well.

The card reveals continue later today, and run for at least the next two weeks.

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