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Top 250 Legend Wild Fatigue Druid Guide

As someone who mostly plays Standard for climbing and sticks to Wild for fun decks, I decided to give Wild a shot this month for climbing to legend. While the meta is not too different and you expect the same decks on Wild, but the cards in popular decks like Murloc Paladin, Tempo/Burn Mage, Dude […]

Ryan Reynolds Mar 20, 2018 6:25 pm

As someone who mostly plays Standard for climbing and sticks to Wild for fun decks, I decided to give Wild a shot this month for climbing to legend. While the meta is not too different and you expect the same decks on Wild, but the cards in popular decks like Murloc Paladin, Tempo/Burn Mage, Dude Paladin, Big Priest and Cubelock / Control Warlock vary to some extent. I managed to get to Top 250 Legend all the way from Rank 17 using Fatigue Druid.

When it comes to dust investment you need to spend only 80 dust to play this deck in Wild with regards to Wild exclusive cards as you only need two copies of Poison Seeds and the rest of the deck is not Wild exclusive. It is extremely powerful against Paladins, and you should win against all variants of aggressive Paladins except when you have poor draws. Aggressive Mage decks are also favorable for this deck as you have enough stall and armor gain to make them fizzle out of burn damage, but you need to be careful about how you are triggering your secrets.

Card Choices

Jade Idol: This is what makes this deck good in games where fatigue is relevant. Unless you lose both your Jade Idols to a sneaky Skulking Geist or mill them, you will never take fatigue damage to the deck. You can focus on removing your opponent’s threats and making them run out of resources while you use your Jade Idols as a win condition to win in the late game.

Lesser Jasper Spellstone: It is very easy to trigger with cards like Oaken Summons, Malfurion the Pestilent and Ultimate Infestation in the deck, it is a very flexible spell that can help you wipe out threats very efficiently.

Naturalize: While the card does hand your opponent more cards, you can use it smartly to mill a card or two. With so many slow decks that hoard a lot of cards in hand, especially Warlocks and Priests – you can get quite a bit of value out of the card. It is also good against aggressive Paladin decks as it reduces the amount of value they can get out of their Divine Favor.

Wild Growth: Druid’s basic ramp tool that allows you to have more mana to work with in future turns. And if you are already at maximum mana, you can use it to draw a card. It is also a good pick over minion-based ramp tools because we do not want to make our Oaken Summons less effective by putting in something like Mire Keeper.

Wrath: An efficient removal tool that can either cycle itself for a ping or deal three damage to opponent minions.

Jade Blossom: We run only one copy of Jade Blossom for ramp purposes. It is also a good card to use to check for Counterspell in the Secret Mage matchup.

Branching Paths: A card that has saved me countless times against aggressive decks, especially against Secret Mage. You mostly use the card to draw or gain armor. It often helps against surviving against all of Secret Mage’s burn spells and exhaust them of their resources.

Fandral Staghelm: We only run three unique minions in the deck and Fandral is one of them. With a whole bunch of Choose One cards in the deck, you can get solid value out of the card. Even if you manage to pull it on a curve with Oaken Summons and have no follow-up, it is a very high priority threat for your opponent to remove, and it acts as a pseudo-taunt.

Ironwood Golem: This is the only other minion aside Fandral and Aya in the deck. You ideally want to pull it out of Oaken Summons as it allows you to gain 6 armor as well as pull the minion out of your deck. It is also a good minion to play into Explosive Runes as it soaks up all of the damage.

Oaken Summons: Oaken Summons is a great minion to pull out your Ironwood Golems or your Fandral. I thins your deck and also gives you added health which is very useful against aggressive decks.

Poison Seeds: This card is mostly a tech choice to counter mass board buffs and Naga decks that Druid can’t otherwise deal with. You can deal with multiple big threats very efficiently. At ten mana, you can do the Poison Seeds + Spreading Plague combo to stall incoming damage for multiple turns potentially.

Swipe: An area-of-effect spell that has very high value in the current meta because of Paladins running riot on ladder. It efficiently clears the board against any token deck.

Nourish: A ramp/draw card that allows you to speed ahead of the mana curve against your opponent or draw into your removals and taunts.

aya-blackpaw: A solid minion that adds increases your Jade Golem counter by two. If you play it after playing a bunch of Jade Idols, it can provide some insane stats on the board. However, it is recommended you play it whenever you can instead of being too greedy.

Spreading Plague: A card that can shut down aggressive decks quite effectively. It is a clutch card that can block a ton of incoming damage and forces your opponent to either keep trading for multiple turns or use spells to clear out the wall of taunts.

Malfurion the Pestilent: One of the best death knights in the game. It is very powerful against aggressive decks as you can use your hero power to either clear out their minions or keep getting 3 armor each turn. Getting this card out as early as possible against Secret Mage is important as you can potentially outlive through all of their burn damage and exhaust them completely.

Ultimate Infestation: A card that needs no introduction. The card is extremely effective whenever you play it. You get armor gain, card draw, damage and a 5/5 on board up. In very slow matchups you can save one of these until you shuffle a bunch of Jade Idols into your deck so you are able to play multiple copies of Jade Idol each turn while shuffling more into your deck for at least a few turns.

Deck Code



Against Aggro

  • Wild Growth
  • Oaken Summons (with early ramp in hand)
  • Swipe
  • Wrath
  • Lesser Jasper Spellstone

Against Control

  • Wild Growth
  • Jade Blossom
  • Nourish
  • Poison Seeds (against Naga Warlock only)
  • Branching Paths
  • Oaken Summons (with early ramp in hand)


If your ladder experience is plagued by Paladins and Secret Mages in Wild, then this is one of the best decks you can use to farm them and climb. When played correctly, it does well in almost every matchup except Big Priest or any deck that has teched in Skulking Geist. It is one of the strongest Tier 1 decks right now in Wild and you should definitely have a comfortable climbing experience with the deck once you get used to it.

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