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The new Paladin legendary will replace your one drops with legendaries

it's the final legendary of the new set to be unveiled.

Tyler Rake Apr 9, 2018 11:44 am

According to host Sean “Day9” Plott, the best live shows are where things go wrong.

I’m not sure Blizzard PR staff would agree after he tore up the format and accidentally showed off the final legendary card from The Witchwood.

Screenshot via [Hearthstone Top Decks[(http://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/the-witchwood-final-card-reveal-livestream-card-list-day9-ben-brode-live-coverage/)

Prince Liam is a five mana 5/5—you can’t see the health in the screenshot but it’s there! When this card hits the board, it takes all the 1-Cost cards in your deck and turns them into random Legendary minions.

This is potentially incredibly powerful. One of the biggest drawbacks of aggressive decks are drawing dead in the late game. If you draw a one drop on turn ten, that’s less than ideal. It’s probably not making a big impact.

But with Prince Liam in your deck, you can turn those cards that are useless in the late turns into potentially big threats. Random legendaries can be hit and miss, but in the deck that plays this you should get enough of them to average out a decent crop.

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