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The final community reveal for The Witchwood is a Paladin card

The rest of the expansion will be revealed tomorrow in a livestream.

Tyler Rake Apr 8, 2018 9:07 pm

Ahead of the big reveal stream for the rest of The Witchwood cards, one final card was unveiled by the Hearthstone community.

Paladin gained a new minion with an interesting effect in the latest reveal from Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Paragon of Light is a three-mana minion with two attack and five health. The card will gain Taunt and Lifesteal if it has three or more attack. The card is slightly similar to Lone Champion, but it has better stats, even if it arguably has a more difficult condition to meet.

Paladin has many tools to buff its minions with multiple cards that specifically give minions more attack. Although Buff Paladin isn’t overly popular right now, running even two copies of Blessing of Might would make Paragon of Light powerful. A 6/9 minion with Taunt and Lifesteal definitely can be difficult to deal with.

The future meta is not overly clear for Paladin once the expansion is released, but Paragon of Light could play a role in some Paladin decks. We’ll have to see how effective the card is once The Witchwood drops on April 12.

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