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The best sniper rifles in Call of Duty: WWII

Which sniper rifle should you use?

Tyler Rake Aug 1, 2018 6:46 am

Wielded by a good player, sniper rifles in Call of Duty: WWII are some of the strongest weapons in the game.

For years, players that primarily played with sniper rifles were some of the most exciting and awe-inspiring in Call of Duty. Thanks to their reflexes and the ability to find the center of their sniper crosshair at any given time, numerous individuals and teams became extremely popular on YouTube.

While their audience may have shrunk in the last few years, many of those players still seek the absolute best weapon to charge into the virtual battlefield with—and WWII has been no exception.

There are eight sniper rifles in total, but half of them came after the game’s launch date. Since some of the weapons arrived during the various community events throughout the year, we’re just going to consider the original four sniper rifles: Karabin, Lee Enfield, M1903, and Kar98k.

While each sniper has its perks and drawbacks, such as the Karabin’s high fire rate, there are two guns in particular that stand above the rest after nearly nine months of tuning.

Here are the best sniper rifles in Call of Duty: WWII.


Screengrab via Activision

The most powerful weapon in its class, the M1903 is designed to take out anybody with just one bullet from the knees and above. While it owns the highest damage and range of any rifle, it also has the slowest rate of fire, and is the least accurate of the bunch.

Highly-skilled and experienced sniper players will likely have no problem with the weapon, however. Due to its large one-shot kill zone, players that honed their craft on similar weapons in the past are possibly the most dangerous players to combat.


Screengrab via Activision

Slightly weaker than the M1903, the Kar98k has improved accuracy and a very slight advantage in fire rate.

With less damage to deal, the Kar98k’s one-shot kill zone is smaller than that of the M1903. While a shot in the thigh from the M1903 typically will kill a player, the same cannot be said for the Kar98k, which has a kill zone of the hips and above.

Basing it just off of stats, the M1903 would have the edge between the two. Players have taken to the Kar98k, however, because of better accuracy and getting used to the feel of the weapon.

We will update this list following any weapon updates in the game.

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