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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s basic controls and how to change them

You don't have to stick with the basic options.

Paul Walker Dec 8, 2018 10:05 am

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has finally arrived, and some people are furious that they’re stuck with one control scheme while playing.

Well, at least, they think that they are. But there’s a way to change your controls if you aren’t happy with the intended options.

Basic controls

For those who want to learn more about the basic controls, there are a few options available to you in the middle of a fight. These include:

MoveButton Input(s)
Neutral AttackA
Up TiltUp and A
Side TiltLeft/Right and A
Down TiltDown and A
Up SmashUp and Hold A
Side SmashRight/Left and Hold A
Down SmashDown and Hold A
Neutral SpecialB
Side SpecialRight/Left and B
Up SpecialUp and B
Down SpecialDown and B
JumpY or Up on control stick
Double JumpY or Up on control stick while mid-air
Up AerialWhile in air, Up and A 
Neutral AerialWhile in air, press A
Down AerialWhile in air, Down and A
Forward AerialWhile in air, Left/Right and A (Depends on where character is facing)
Back AerialWhile in air, Left/Right and A (depends on where character is facing)
Up ThrowWhile grabbing opponent, press Up
Forward/Back ThrowWhile grabbing opponent, press Left or Right
Down ThrowWhile grabbing opponent, Press Down
Rolling DodgeR and Left/Right
Aerial DodgeWhie in air, Press R
Direction Air DodgeWhile in air, press R and Left/Right
Final SmashB when Smash metre is full or get a Smash Ball
TauntsUp, Left, Right, Or down on Directional Pad

How to change your control scheme

In some cases, you might not like the standard control layout associated with each controller. Thankfully, there’s a way to change that.

Go into the side menu and select Options. Then, select Controls. If you want to change the controls for all modes in the game, including World of Light, you’ll need to select the “No Name” option.

This will then bring up an option to select the controller you want to change controls on. Choose the option you want and you should be given the option to select your button layouts.

It’s worth noting that No Name will change the options for everyone playing on your system, while creating an “Enter Name” option will allow you to change the controls for just that person, instead of everyone.

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