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Shaman spells might come in handy thanks to The Witchwood’s latest card

Context is vital.

Paul Walker Apr 3, 2018 4:12 am

Card reveal season can be tricky sometimes.

When cards are revealed, there’s a great community pressure to decide if they are good or bad. In a vacuum cards can be one thing, but context is absolutely key.

When one card is revealed, it might need support cards to make it work. Until we see subsequent cards it can be hard to decide how to feel about it.

Bogshaper is a seven mana 4/8 Elemental minion. While this minion is in play, casting a spell will draw a minion from your deck into your hand.

So just maybe this is a card Blizzard has been waiting to show off. Two cards so far in this set have the power to generate random Shaman spells, something which doesn’t seem too powerful in a vacuum. Shaman has a lot of weak spells. But now we know that those random Shaman spells, a lot of which are low cost, can be turned into minions in your hand. That’s a very important detail.

Is that a good enough effect to power a deck on its own? That’s a big question mark. It certainly will thin your deck, but that deck needs to be one that can take advantage of the spells and minions. That seems like it could be too broad a strategy.

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