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Seoul Dynasty take down Dallas Fuel in hard-fought series

Despite losing the series, the Dallas Fuel are showing immense progress from stage one.

Ryan Reynolds Mar 1, 2018 5:09 am

Both the Seoul Dynasty and Dallas Fuel entered Wednesday with unbeaten records in stage two—meaning one team had to lose their streak.

The teams had very different stage one showings as Dallas sank to the bottom quarter of the standings and stayed there. Meanwhile Seoul narrowly missed out on a stage finals spot. Both teams have played well since the break with the two tied at the top.

In their meeting Wednesday, it was expected to be a tight contest. The teams came out firing in the first game on Hanamura Assault, but it would be Dynasty taking it as they squeaked out a 4-3 result to take an early lead in the series.

Nepal Control was much of the same as the first map as Dallas put up a fight, but just fell short again. Seoul DPS Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim once again showed why he is one of the most dangerous players in the world as his Soldier: 76 played a major factor in his team’s map win.

In game three, Hollywood Hybrid, Dallas was finally able to gain some footing. Their 0-2 deficit didn’t seem to faze them as they pulled out a win in yet another tight game.

Unfortunately for Dallas fans, their boys were not able to tie the series up at two games a piece. Seoul was able to finish Dallas on Route 66 Escort in a game where the Dynasty’s defense shined as a key to victory.

A 3-1 loss to Seoul may not look like much to people reading the box scores—but in actuality, Dallas fought tooth and nail with the Korean squad for four games. Seoul may not be as strong as they were expected to be in the preseason, but they are still stage finals contenders that can beat anyone on a given day. And in a match where a few plays could have swung the result wildly the other way, Dallas should feel good about the direction of the team in stage two.

With the win, Seoul remains as one of only three undefeated teams in the stage. Dallas moved to fourth with the loss—but that is still a much-improved position than they had three matches into the first stage.

Both teams return on Friday to face the Los Angeles teams. The Dynasty will look to move to 4-0 against the LA Gladiators, while Dallas try to bounce back against the LA Valiant.

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