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Sejuani receives quality of life buffs

League's resident boar rider now clears the jungle faster and does more damage.

Ryan Reynolds Jun 12, 2018 12:10 pm

Sejuani players rejoice, she will now be much stronger. Following buffs that will drop with Patch 8.12, the Fury of the North will find the jungle a much less scary place.

Her Icebreaker passive, which allows Sejuani to deal bonus magic damage to targets she has stunned, now deals 10 to 20 percent maximum health damage to monsters and is capped at 300, as opposed to the previous flat 400 damage. This brings the ability up to speed with its effect on non-monsters. While this comes as a slight nerf to her jungle clear, buffs to both her W and her E more than make up for it.

Her W, Winter’s Wrath, is receiving an AP ratio to both the initial swing and the snap. Currently, the swing deals physical damage equal to 1.5 percent of the target’s maximum health plus a flat value that increases with level, and the snap deals a significantly higher flat amount of physical damage, in addition to 4.5 percent of the target’s maximum health. The flail is gaining a 0.2 AP ratio, while the lash is gaining a 0.6 AP ratio, which will allow Sejuani players to deal much more damage with AP.

Sejuani’s E, Permafrost, is also getting a massive damage buff. It can now be spammed on jungle monsters, since it had its non-champion cooldown removed. It also gains a base damage increase of 10-30 depending on level and its AP ratio is being doubled from 30 to 60 percent.

All in all the boar rider will be doing much more damage and be able to clear her jungle camps much faster, perhaps allowing for a return to meta dominance.

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