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Prestige K/DA Akali drops during Patch 8.24—save up your Snow Tokens

Time to save up more event tokens.

Ryan Reynolds Dec 4, 2018 12:40 pm

Akali’s brand new Prestige K/DA skin, which is a white and gold version of the original but sold completely separately, arrives during Patch 8.24, according to the official League of Legends patch notes released today.

The skin, just like Prestige K/DA Kai’Sa during the 2018 Worlds after party event, will cost event tokens. The event, which happens to be this year’s Snowdown (Riot’s annual winter holiday event), will award Snow Tokens. You’ll have to save those up and then spend them all to unlock Prestige K/DA Akali. We don’t know how many tokens just yet, but seeing as though Kai’Sa’s was 2,500 Worlds Tokens, we suspect the number will be high.

One thing that may excite K/DA fans is the form she takes inside her Twilight Shroud. In her original K/DA skin, she takes on bright neon colors while roaming around in the shroud. She still gets the same sort of neon in this skin, but it’s all bright gold and yellow to match. It has a much more regal feel to it.

The skin boasts some new effects to sound and visuals, and her recall causes her to break out into the usual “POP/STARS” dance. In this skin, however, the dance is highlighted by golden spotlights to better match the theme.

Patch 8.24 arrives tomorrow, and the Snowdown event should begin shortly after, although a specific time has yet to be confirmed by Riot.

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