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OpTic, ENCE, Vega, and NRG pick up wins in the StarSeries Season 6 quarterfinals

The semifinals of the $300,000 event take place tomorrow.

Tez Gaming Oct 12, 2018 2:26 pm

The semifinal teams at StarSeries Season Six have been determined.

After four long quarterfinals on day five of CS:GO action in Kiev, Ukraine, the playoff picture is now set for this weekend. OpTic Gaming, ENCE Esports, Vega Squadron, and NRG Esports are the four teams advancing to the semifinals of the week-long tournament.

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The first two quarterfinals involved a quick game between OpTic and Renegades, and a drawn-out match between BIG and ENCE. OpTic swept Renegades in two maps, Dust II and Inferno, while BIG went the distance with ENCE in three. Despite Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz doing work for the German side, ENCE closed it out by having solid T sides on Nuke and Train.

The latter quarterfinals had two tight matches, even though they were 2-0 sweeps. Vega took down Fragsters on Dust II and Cache, with Leonid “chopper” Vishnyakov topping the scoreboard at 26 kills per map and 101.0 average damage per round. The last quarterfinal involved NRG edging out North in two intense maps. Ethan “nathE” Arnold and Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte led the charge by getting over 25 kills per map.

Quarterfinals No. 1

OpTic Gaming vs. Renegades

  • OpTic won Dust II 16-8
  • OpTic won Inferno 16-10

Quarterfinals No. 2

ENCE Esports vs. BIG

  • BIG won Overpass 22-20
  • ENCE won Nuke 16-9
  • ENCE won Train 16-10

Quarterfinals No. 3

Vega Squadron vs. Fragsters

  • Vega won Dust II 16-10
  • Vega won Cache 16-13

Quarterfinals No. 4

NRG Esports vs. North

  • NRG won Train 16-14
  • NRG won Overpass 16-13

The semifinals of StarSeries Season Six will be tomorrow, featuring matchups involving ENCE vs. OpTic at 7am CT and Vega vs. NRG at 11am CT.

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