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Nine cards revealed just before Witchwood card reveal stream

This was... unexpected.

Tyler Rake Apr 9, 2018 11:10 am

Oh, you thought the card reveals were over apart from the livestream? Think again.

Forbes just dropped nine cards—yep, nine—mere minutes before the final card reveal livestream. There were no reveals scheduled for today, but it happened, so here are the cards.

The headline of this dump is obviously the Shaman legendary. Battlecry Shaman could well be a thing thanks to this legendary that repeats all the Battlecries played earlier in the game. It’s like Yogg, but with less unpredictable effects.

There’s also a zero mana damage spell which is potentially pretty scary.

Three new Echo cards were also part of the reveal. Perhaps most interesting is Curse of Weakness, which can be bounced over and over to massively reduce the attack on your opponent’s side of the board. That could create some really favorable trading scenarios.

There’s a couple of Dragon cards here, including a potential seven mana 4/11 Taun minion in Wyrmguard. Dragon decks are taking a bit hit in the Standard rotation, time will tell if the cards in this set are enough to keep it alive.

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