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New Mage spell will discard spells from your deck

This is certainly an unorthodox Mage strategy.

Ryan Reynolds Apr 6, 2018 7:10 am

A new Mage spell from The Witchwood has been released, and it’s a very unorthodox spell for Mage strategies.

We now know that the next Hearthstone expansion will release on April 12, just eight days away, with card reveal season coming to an end on April 9.

Book of Specters is a two mana Mage spell. It draws three cards—but if any of those cards are spells, those cards are discarded.

That is, obviously, pretty counter intuitive that Mage would want to discard spells. Mage is the spell class in Hearthstone. It’s absolutely core to Mage’s identity. But drawing three cards for two mana is really powerful, so maybe this could lead to a minion-based Mage deck? This is one of the most powerful draw spells the game has ever had—time will tell if it’s enough to drive a whole archetype.

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