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Nerfs, buffs, and new stuff in League’s Patch 8.16

Mafia Braum, Nexus Blitz, and nerfs to Quinn, Zoe, and Wukong.

Tyler Rake Aug 14, 2018 6:31 am

Patch 8.16 arrives this week in League of Legends, and it’s a big one for balance. 

Fortunately, the aftermath of the mid-season updates has mostly been cleaned up as of Patch 8.15. That being said, this patch has more room to focus on balancing new things to prepare for this year’s Worlds, which means a lot of pro-centric changes are on the way.

There are some solo queue-oriented changes, too, like nerfs to Quinn and Wukong, as well as some new skins. Here’s our full, comprehensive list of this patch’s changes, pulled straight from the official patch notes.


Image via Riot Games



Umbral Dash (E): Passive healing against non-champions lowered from 33 percent to 15 percent. Charges when learned reduced from two to one.

World Ender (R): Cooldown increased by 20 seconds at rank one and 10 seconds at rank two.


Seastone Trident (W): Active damage AP scaling lowered from 60 percent to 50 percent. On-hit damage AP scaling lowered from 40 percent to 35 percent.

Chum the Waters (R): Guppy, Chomper, and Gigalodon AP scaling lowered by 10 percent.


Base MR lowered by four.


AD growth lowered by 0.6.


Base health lowered by 30, and armor by three.


Base movement speed lowered by five. 

Seismic Shove (W): Cooldown raised from flat 12 seconds to 16-12 seconds, scaling down with ability rank.

Weaver’s Wall (R): No longer grants vision.


Troll Smash (Q): Base damage lowered at later ranks. Total AD scaling raised at later ranks. Stolen AD duration lowered from eight seconds to five seconds.


Spinning Slash (E): Cooldown raised at later ranks.


Crushing Blow (Q): Base damage lowered by 20 at all ranks. Total AD scaling lowered by 10 percent at all ranks.

Tahm Kench

Tongue Lash (Q): Slow duration decreased by 0.5 seconds. Cooldown lowered by one second.

Devour (W): Devour duration lowered from scaling 4-6 seconds to flat four seconds. Cooldown raised to 28 seconds at rank one, scaling down to 16 seconds at max. Cooldown is now halved when Devouring an enemy. Mana cost lowered by 30.


More Sparkles! (P): Base damage lowered significantly at all levels. AP scaling lowered from 32.5 percent to 20 percent.

Spell Thief (W): AP scaling lowered from 55 percent to 40 percent.


Summon Aery

Base damage lowered at early levels, but base shielding raised at early levels. Nerf to damage dealers like Teemo and Brand, but a buff to enchanters.


Base damage and scaling lowered significantly. Cooldown lowered significantly.


Bonus movement speed conversion to AD lowered from 9.6 percent to six percent. Bonus movement speed conversion to AP lowered from 16 percent to 10 percent.

Cheap Shot

Base damage lowered at early levels.

Sudden Impact

Lethality and magic penetraion lowered by three and two respectively.


Base damage and cooldown decreased significantly.


Image via Riot Games



Rampage (Q): Base damage raised at higher ranks. Bonus AD scaling raised from 60 percent to 70 percent.


Tantrum (E): Now scales up with bonus armor and MR. Base damage reduction remains the same, so this is purely a buff.


Eclipse (W): Cooldown lowered from a flat 14 seconds to 14-10 seconds scaling down with rank.


Titan’s Wrath (W): Base shield lowered slightly at all ranks. Shield scaling lowered at high ranks. Duration lowered by four seconds. Cooldown lowered by six seconds. This is overall a buff thanks to the cooldown reduction.


Defensive Ball Curl (W): Bonus resistances raised at all ranks.


Soul Furnace (W): Max health gained from enemies raised by one. Max health gained from large enemies raised by five.

Summoner Spells


Cooldown decreased by 30 seconds.

New Stuff


Mafia Braum

Image via Riot Games

Mecha Aurelion Sol

Image via Riot Games

Cosmic Enchantress Lulu

Image via Riot Games

Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao

Image via Riot Games

Cosmic Queen Ashe

Image via Riot Games


Your Shop

Your Shop is returning until August 30 at 1:59am CT, offering personalized discounts.

End-game lobby

You’ll now be able to set statuses above the Play Again button to let your premade know what you’re doing.

Game lobbies

You’ll now be able to show off your level and borders using banners in game lobbies.

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