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Neeko is now live in League of Legends

Patch 8.24 is also out.

Paul Walker Dec 5, 2018 11:16 am

League of Legends’ latest mage champion, Neeko, is now live in-game.

Neeko is a shapeshifter who can change her appearance to match any other champion on her team. This passive ability offers you a great way to confuse your opponents in teamfights or set up some traps. Of course, when you use any of her abilities, she will revert back to her original form.

At first glance she looks like the perfect mid lane mage but she could in theory be used as both a support and jungler due to some of her abilities. Her E, for example, can root enemies to set up potential ganks. Her ultimate also has the ability to stun foes, leaving them helpless to your team’s onslaught.

She will set you back 7,800 Essence or 975 RP, League’s in-game currency, if you are looking to get her straight away. There is also a bundle available to get Neeko and her first skin, Winter Wonder Neeko, as a limited-time offer.

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