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Morgana gets much-needed nerf in Patch 8.15

She's just way too good at what she does.

Joe Russo Jul 26, 2018 9:01 am

Morgana is an all-around excellent pick in the current League of Legends meta. She can fill two roles as a support—both a harassing mage and a play-maker. She also has great sustain, peel, and can be played as a carry in either the mid lane or as a farming bot laner.

The reason she can do so many different things so well is because she’s very strong—perhaps even too strong.

Riot is apparently leaning in the “too strong” direction, because there are some significant nerfs planned for her on the PBE as of yesterday’s update.

Riot was careful not to nerf the damage or duration of her Q which is good, because that ability defines her role as a champion. If it were much weaker, she’d definitely fall out of the OP camp—but she’d also never get played. Instead Riot is nerfing her supporting tool, which isn’t very heavy-handed and at first glance seems like it’ll do the trick without going overboard.

Her Black Shield’s mana cost is increasing by 30 at all ranks. It doesn’t sound like much, but without a mana item, Morgana struggles a little bit in-lane with spamming, and upping the cost of her Black Shield means she’ll get punished harder for using it at the wrong time.

To make matters worse for Morg, her mana regeration is going down too. Instead of a base regeneration of three, it’ll now be 2.2, which means she’ll be punished even harder for using Black Shield incorrectly. She’ll also have a rough time spamming abilities in general, which should be effective.

All in all this doesn’t hurt Morg’s combat power, but it lowers her presence in-lane by at least a little. That’s the right way to go. This nerf should go live with Patch 8.15 next week.

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