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Misfits go 9-0 after defeating ROCCAT, but it wasn’t an easy win

ROCCAT proved that Misfits still have some issues to work on.

Paul Walker Jul 20, 2018 1:10 pm

Misfits continue to pull away from the rest of the EU LCS teams after advancing to a perfect 9-0 record with today’s win over ROCCAT.

The good news for Misfits is that they’re still undefeated, but they really struggled to pull this win off, despite having a significant early lead.

The game started off in typical Misfits fashion. It was cold, calm, and calculated, and although ROCCAT hadn’t lost many fights, Misfits were still running circles around them on the map. With only three total kills in the game, Misfits managed to run down three towers and rack up a few thousand gold more than ROCCAT. That’s when things got dicey, though.

Misfits realized that their team wasn’t great at sieging towers, and ROCCAT realized that their own comp was great at slowing down pushes. After Misfits tried to approach the inhibitor towers of ROCCAT’s base a few times, they realized that they couldn’t rotate and push down towers like they had been doing throughout the early game, and something needed to change.

On the fly, Misfits chose to start trying more creative things to force ROCCAT into fights, such as forcing a Baron during the mid-game and all-in engaging in the middle of the lane despite not being near a tower or any objective. These were gambles, and Misfits lost, giving ROCCAT the gold and time they needed to come back. Eventually, the momentum was totally in ROCCAT’s favor, but then Misfits mid laner Chres “Sencux” Laursen landed a very clutch Yasuo ult, winning a key fight and allowing them to end the game.

Misfits plays against Fnatic tomorrow at 1pm CT.

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