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Lee Sin changes on the PBE should allow him to carry a little harder

He's getting more baseline effectiveness at the cost of less one-shotting.

Ryan Reynolds Jul 25, 2018 8:37 am

Lee Sin has struggled a bit in the current League of Legends meta, thanks to both the Sightstone and Tracker’s Knife being removed earlier this year.

Fortunately, however, with runes such as Ingenious Hunter and Cosmic Insight reducing the cooldown on his trinket wards, he can still be played in a semi-healthy way by some top-tier players. He’s still pretty weak compared to the game’s other junglers right now, particularly Kindred and Nocturne, but he’s holding on at least.

An interesting change was added to the PBE yesterday that may give him some more reliable power—but it’ll cost him a little bit.

His Q, which happens to be his main damage dealer, will now scale up to 150 percent damage and 50 percent higher bonus AD scaling depending on how low the target’s health is. That’s instead of dealing damage equal to eight percent of the target’s missing health.

While this means that Lee’s Q won’t deal so much damage on low health targets at early levels, by the time he hits mid-game, it can scale much higher with AD items that he would have build anyway. This could allow him to carry harder, and it rewards him for snowballing which he’s already very good at.

The only downside is that landing a Q on a target with about 10 percent of their health at level one isn’t going to be a death sentence anymore, which may frustrate some Lee players who are used to that. If anything, this change will definitely shift his power spike more into the late part of the early game or the mid-game. That’s preferable to falling off hard when the game hits 15 minutes unless you’re fed.

This change should go live with Patch 8.15 next week.

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