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KT Rolster start their second half of the LCK Summer Split with a win over Afreeca Freecs

KT Rolster's record grows to 6-4 after their win against Afreeca Freecs.

Brian Tyler Jul 15, 2018 6:24 am

KT Rolster ended their fourth week of the LCK Summer Split with an intense reverse sweep victory against Afreeca Freecs.

Questions arose last week around which team Korea would send to face Chinese representative Royal Never Give up in the final match of this year’s Eastern Rift Rivals tournament. Although many fans expected KT to be chosen due to their undefeated record at the tournament up to that point, Afreeca played in the deciding match instead.

With Afreeca unable to beat RNG, fans started to question the choice to play Afreeca over KT, and began to speculate on who was the better team. Well that speculation ended earlier today with the match between Afreeca and KT.

This series began with both teams playing slightly reserved. Sure, KT and Afreeca tried to find kills and set up engages, but neither team was willing to commit all of their resources on a single teamfight. This led to many fights or skirmishes ending with no kills, and KT and Afreeca’s players were limping away with low health.

KT tried to take advantage of these low health bars and went for Baron. Sadly for KT, Afreeca returned from their base quick enough to prevent KT’s Baron attempt and take the buff for themselves. And with the Baron, Afreeca had enough to win teamfights without using all of their ultimate abilities and summoner spells.

Games two and three saw KT and Afreeca throw away their reservations from the first showdown and repeatedly fight until kills were found. Among these constant battles though, KT continually amassed a lead through efficient macro play. Although the kill count between the two teams was nearly identical, KT held more towers and all of the Elemental Drakes.

KT grew their lead in games two and three through extended vision control across Afreeca’s jungle. This allowed KT to enact creative engages onto the unsuspecting Afreeca players with abilities like Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong’s Abyssal Voyage as Tahm Kench. KT found picks with these types of engages, which let them take the Baron. And like Afreeca in game one, once KT secured the Baron, they could end the game.

With their week over, KT will now prepare for their upcoming telecom war on July 19, where they hope to get revenge against SK Telecom T1 for their week three defeat.

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