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KT Rolster keep pace with Griffin after beating Gen.G

KT Rolster rise to second place in the LCK standings after today's win against Gen.G.

Brian Tyler Jul 24, 2018 8:11 am

KT Rolster moved one step closer to solidifying themselves as the best team in the LCK after an impressive 2-0 win against Gen.G.

As the LCK Summer Split’s second round robin began, and with Griffin began losing games, two teams looked to capitalize—Gen.G and KT. Both Gen.G and KT had found numerous wins over their fellow high-ranking LCK teams, and had began to look somewhat unstoppable.

Between KT’s superb early game and fiery teamfighting, and Gen.G’s calculated mid-game macro play, tonight decided which playstyle reigned supreme.

KT stayed true to themselves for game one, and drafted an early game composition with Jayce top lane. A pick which falls off in the late game as teams build health and resistance items, KT’s Jayce was seemingly on a timer.

Gen.G, fully aware that they had the better scaling team, did their best to stave off KT’s early aggression while mitigating any losses accrued during the laning phase. Gen.G’s plan worked, and they were able to make it to the 30 minute mark.

What Gen.G didn’t account for was just how excellent KT’s late game teamfighting was. Despite having the poorer scaling composition, KT were able to still beat Gen.G thanks to their teamfighting. Between Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong’s Rakan engages, Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho’s Jayce flanks, and Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu weaving attacks in while dodging enemy abilities, KT overwhelmed Gen.G in five-versus-five skirmishes.

While they drafted a scaling composition in game two, KT molded their champions to fit their aggressive playstyle. KT’s early itemization focused on the lane phase, a move which paid off greatly. Thanks to their itemization, KT found solo kills in the first few minutes of the game on characters like Kai’sa that are currently horrible at laning.

Behind in gold, and now without a better scaling team, Gen.G game two hopes were bleak. Gen.G tried their best to fend off KT’s attacks, but once their opponents claimed the Baron they could defend no more.

Now just under Griffin in the standings at second place, and with an identical record to Gen.G, KT will next face KINGZONE DragonX on July 26.

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