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KINGZONE DragonX hand SK Telecom T1 their third loss in a row

The world champions are really struggling domestically so far in 2018.

Paul Walker Jan 26, 2018 5:18 am

SK Telecom T1 failed to turn around their early season domestic struggles today against KINGZONE DragonX, losing 0-2 in decisive fashion.

Despite today’s series being a rematch of the 2017 LCK Summer Split final, KINGZONE and SKT entered the games from very different points in the league. KINGZONE, who had top laner Kim “Khan” Dong-ha return to the starting lineup earlier this week, looked revitalized in their win against Afreeca Freecs. SKT have struggled to get going, with defeats by Jin Air Green Wings and KT Rolster in their last two matches.

Though in the face of their losses, SKT was the one to facilitate early leads throughout this two game series. With better early macro play, SKT secured first bloods, and the first few Elemental Drakes.

But unable to snowball their early lead, SKT gave way for KINGZONE to make a 50 minute comeback in game one. And with one game win under their belt, KINGZONE felt comfortable enough to try out a secret pick—top lane Fiora.

Luckily for KINGZONE, their Fiora pick worked out perfectly. Khan’s Fiora grew into an unstoppable split pushing beast that not only could solo kill anyone on SKT, but attracted enough attention to let KINGZONE take a practically free Baron. With a Baron buff on hand, the entirety of KINGZONE were free to end the match at their leisure.

While SKT will need to wait a week before they have another shot at victory, KINGZONE will return to the LCK stage in two days to face MVP on Jan. 28.

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