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Hunter gets another new spell from The Witchwood expansion

This one's not for Spell Hunter.

Paul Walker Apr 3, 2018 8:53 am

Hunter is getting a few new spells in The Witchwood.

That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise right? Spell Hunter is so in right now. But the latest spell revealed today definitely doesn’t fit in that deck. So what’s it for?

Dire Frenzy is a four mana common Hunter spell. It gives a Beast minion +3/+3, and shuffles three copies of that Beast into your deck. Those copies will also have +3/+3.

This card is very reminiscent of Gang Up, which was two mana cheaper—but didn’t include any buffs. So with that benchmark to compare to, although with all the usual caveats of comparing class cards, we can score the buff at two mana. Obviously that’s objectively great, a combined +12/+12 of stats for two mana.

The question will be whether or not it’s too slow. Hunter is a fast class traditionally, and can get out-valued hard in the late game.

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