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Fortnite’s week 7 challenges of season 6 want you to hurt opponents and trees

Get ready for a lot of progressive challenges.

Ryan Reynolds Nov 8, 2018 6:24 am

The challenges for season six, week seven are now available for all Fortnite: Battle Royale players. This is the set that, when completed, will unlock the Hunting Party skin, A.I.M., for players who finished all of the tasks from the past six weeks as well.

If you don’t like progressive challenges, prepare yourself. Week seven has three of them: One in the free Battle Pass and two others in the premium group. At least that will bring the total XP awarded for that set amount to 7,000 XP, which is more than the average 5,000 XP.

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None of these challenges seem to be that hard or add new elements to the Fortnite island as some did in previous weeks. If you were playing Fortnite in other seasons, you’ll recognize some of these challenges. Skydiving through floating rings is back, as well as eating apples just for the sake of it.

Take a look at the full set of challenges for season six, week seven.

Free Challenges

Search seven ammo boxes in a single match – 0/75 Battle Stars
Deal Headshot Damage to opponents – 0/5005 Battle Stars
Stage 1: Deal Damage to opponents in a single match – 0/300
Stage 2: Deal Damage to opponents in a single match – 0/400
Final Stage: Deal Damage to opponents in a single match – 0/500
10 Battle Stars

Premium Challenges

Stage 1: Destroy Trees – 0/50
Stage 2: Destroy Rocks – 0/25
Final Stage: Destroy Cars – 0/10
10 Battle Stars
Skydive through floating rings – 0/205 Battle Stars
Stage 1: Consume five Apples – 0/5
Stage 2: Gain health using Bandages – 0/60
Stage 3: Gain health using Med Kits – 0/100
Final Stage: Gain health using the Slurp Juice – 0/50
10 Battle Stars
Eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park – 0/310 Battle Stars

Players will need to have patience. Despite not being hard, these challenges might require a few matches to be completed if you don’t like playing an aggressive style. But if you do, there are some challenges that can be done all at once if you’re lucky or just playing well.

Living long enough to search for seven ammo boxes means you had the opportunity to deal a lot of damage to opponents, to eliminate them, and to dominate an area—so two challenges and the first stage of the free set can be completed in the early game.

In that same match, you’ll have to farm materials. Focus on wood and farm trees to complete the first stage of a premium challenge. Rush this challenge by destroying small trees between named locations. If you try rushing this with big trees like those at Wailing Woods, it’ll take more time to complete.

If you’re hurt, look for apples around these trees to eat. And we hope you remembered to skydive through the floating rings when you left the Battle Bus.

If you’re feeling confident, just drop in Pleasant Park and do everything you can there. There’s plenty of houses with ammo boxes and the place will be packed with opponents to eliminate. Be ready for a real challenge.

If you don’t want to rush these challenges, that’s no problem either. Avoid Pleasant Park over the next few days and drop near areas like Risky Reels when they’re far away from the Battle Bus path. This should give you room to complete some challenges that don’t need too much shooting.

Hop into the game, complete these challenges, and unlock your weird, disappointing A.I.M. skin.

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