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Fortnite’s season 6, week 9 challenges will make you explode everything

Hope you can find some explosives.

Tez Gaming Nov 22, 2018 6:17 am

Fortnite’s challenges for week nine of season six have arrived. We’re in the final days to complete all Battle Pass challenges, grab some rewards, and the tier 100 Dire skin.

Week nine challenges are a blast. Four out of seven challenges include using explosive items or weapons to deal damage to players or structures, and each of them asks for a different weapon. Get ready to look for all explosives in the game, including the new Dynamite.

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Challenges can be completed in any game mode, except for Playground.

Here’s the full list of week nine challenges for Fortnite’s sixth season. We’ll update the progressive challenges as we complete them.

Free Challenges

Get 30s of airtime in a vehicle (0/30)5 Battle Stars
Get a score of 10 or more on different Carnival Clown Boards (0/3)5 Battle Stars
Stage 1: Consume Mushrooms (0/5)
Stage 2: Gain shield using Small Shield Potions (0/75)
5 Battle Stars

Premium Challenges

Deal damage to players with a Clinger, Stink Bomb or Grenade (0/300)5 Battle Stars
Deal damage to opponent structures with Dynamite (0/10,000)5 Battle Stars
Rocket or Grenade Launcher Eliminations (0/30)10 Battle Stars
Stage 1: Deal damage with Grenades to opponents (0/100)
Stage 2: Deal damage with Grenade Launcher to opponents (0/100)
10 Battle Stars

The Carnival Clown Boards will send players across the map. To get a score of 10 or more on them, players will have to activate these boards and shoot 10 balloons that come out of them. Do that at three different boards and the Battle Stars are yours.

Getting 30 seconds of airtime in a vehicle shouldn’t be hard, especially because it doesn’t have to be in a single jump or match. Get an ATK, a Shopping Cart, or a Quadcrasher and go at full speed towards a ramp or hill to start flying. If you find a Quadcrasher, you can stay in mid-air as much as you want if you constantly boost facing upward. It’s the fastest way to complete this challenge.

Consuming mushrooms is easy. Go to Dusty Divot or Wailing Woods to find plenty of them and get some shield for your match.

The premium challenges are when explosives are mandatory. Dealing damage to players with a Clinger, Stink Bomb, or Grenade should be easier if you’re throwing many of them at once. You can also save them to hit players who are down but not out in duos or squads. This will help you advance in the progressive challenge as well.

When you find a Dynamite, use it to deal damage to opponent structures. This should be easy since they deal 800 damage to structures and have a gigantic explosion width. Remember you can also deal damage to structures that opponents left behind if you don’t want to risk using Dynamite in the middle of a fight.

Getting eliminations with a Rocket or Grenade Launcher can be tricky if your opponent already saw you. They can build walls to protect themselves from rockets or run from your grenades. Try killing players who haven’t seen you yet to surprise them.

Week nine challenges are already out for all Fortnite players. Jump into the game, find some explosives, and blow up everything and everyone.

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