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Deathrattle Rogue gets a new tool in The Witchwood

In a post N'Zoth world, can this archetype be viable?

Tyler Rake Mar 30, 2018 8:18 am

The latest card from The Witchwood is another Rush card, one of the new keywords from the expansion.

Eight Rush cards have been revealed out of just over 40, so it’s a pretty significant part of all the cards that have been shown off so far.

The latest card to be unveiled is a six mana 5/3 Pirate, Cursed Castaway.

The card has Rush, which means it can attack minions on the turn that it’s played, and a Deathrattle. When it dies, it will draw a Combo card from your deck.

Initially the stat line doesn’t look impressive. Three health on a six mana minion isn’t a great shape. But because of that Rush, it can have a lot of utility. For six mana you can deal five damage and draw a Combo card from your deck. If it doesn’t die straight away, you leave a minion with five attack on the board that probably needs dealt with.

Deathrattle Rogue has long been a pushed archetype. But the big problem for Standard is the rotation of N’Zoth. Without that card to bring all these minions back to life, it remains to be seen if Deathrattle Rogue can be at all relevant in the Year of the Raven.

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