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CLG throw a big lead and fall to 100 Thieves

Aphromoo wins yet another CLG grudge match.

Tyler Rake Jul 29, 2018 2:29 pm

100 Thieves are on track to take a shot at the NA LCS throne once again after finishing another undefeated weekend, retaining sole possession of first place in the league for now. If Echo Fox win their match later today, they’ll move up into a tie with 100 Thieves.

Unfortunately for CLG, they had to fall in order to make that happen, and today’s loss was especially depressing for them. Why? Because it was a big reminder of their greatest weaknesses—an inconsistent mid game and lacking proactivity when in the lead.

CLG racked up a substantial lead very early on in the game after some extremely aggressive plays around the bot lane. Unfortunately for CLG, however, they were only able to double their 1,500 gold lead with some change over the next 15 minutes, which means they weren’t able to capitalize on their lead at all.

By the time big teamfights started, CLG’s lackluster lead shined and 100 Thieves managed to stamp them out despite being behind, thanks to their late-game prowess and veteran instincts. The usual storyline between these two teams is Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black squaring off against his old team—and today, it was at the beginning, but it ended up shifting to Cody Sun instead.

He was very behind CLG’s bot lane, despite 100T’s draft target-banning Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes, but Cody Sun still ended up having a larger impact in bigger fights late into the game.

100 Thieves’ first game next week will be against Team Liquid on Saturday at 4pm CT.

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