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Buffs on the League PBE have Irelia ready to unleash the wrath of Ionia

How long will it take to bring back the "Better nerf Irelia" chants?

Tyler Rake Jul 19, 2018 7:28 pm

Irelia is in for another round of buffs on the League of Legends PBE—and boy, are they a doozy. Her early laning power will feel much better, and even her late game is getting a buff.

Her base health is being raised from 550 to 580, which is a massive increase. She’ll be much tankier in the early levels, perhaps allowing a return to her traditional top lane. Due to the presence of lane bullies like Renekton and Aatrox, Irelia has been forced out of the lane and is mostly played mid—but more durability might be enough to help her bounce back.

Her early power will also be helped by a buff to her base AD, which is being raised from 60 to 66. While it may not sound like much, six AD can make a huge difference, especially when players don’t have the time to get many items under their belts. Irelia will be able to farm more effectively and trade more evenly with even the strongest of bullies.

The final change to Irelia is coming to her passive, and it’ll make her better at all points in the game. The bonus magic damage per stack is being upped from one to 12 to four to 17, depending on level. An Irelia with four stacks of Ionian Fervor will be terrifying, especially when considering her other buffs. While Irelia has fallen a little by the wayside, we can’t help but wonder if these changes will push her over the top and make her a permabanned champion, just like the new Aatrox.

These changes should ship with Patch 8.15 in about two weeks, barring further tweaks.

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