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Best champions to have in League of Legends ARAM

May luck be on your side in getting of these champions.

Ryan Reynolds Jun 14, 2018 8:15 am

League of Legends All Random All Mid game mode has been in the game for almost six years and is one of the more popular game modes besides ranked and normal play. Though players are given random champions, there are some champions that are much better in the game mode than others. The meta is different to that of games that take place on Summoner’s Rift.

There are a few main categories of champions that thrive on the Howling Abyss due to the rules of the game mode and how games usually play out. Champions with poke, healing, and engage perform well in ARAM. Within those categories some champions stand out as the best champions to play.

Similar to the meta on Summoner’s Rift, the champions that are the strongest can change patch to patch. In ARAM those changes do not happen as frequently because Riot typically does not change many aspects of the game mode itself. Patch 8.11 did introduce some permanent and temporary changes to the game mode which changed the meta a bit.


Healing is an important ability to have in ARAM because you are not able to go back to the fountain and heal. Since there is no backing, champions with healing abilities for themselves and their teammates provide a massive benefit since their team will be at a higher health for the next teamfight.


Image via Riot Games

Sona is one of the best champions in ARAM because of her low cooldown heal that also provides shields to other teammates. This alongside her AoE ultimate and slight poke makes Sona a formidable champion.


Image via Riot Games

Soraka has two healing abilities that can help her team get a large health boost before a fight and gives her team a better chance to win that fight. Her silence is also a useful tool to disengage.


Image via Riot Games

Nami’s Ebb and Flow provides a double hit by both damaging opponents and healing yourself or a teammate. Nami also has excellent disengage and engage tools with Aqua Prison and Tidal Wave.


Image via Riot Games

Janna provides a large AoE heal with her ultimate that will help a whole team recover health. Eye of the Storm also provides a strong shield to absorb damage and empower her teammates.


ARAM is not constant fights and there are periods of down-time while teams wait for cooldowns or for their health to regenerate. In these periods of calm, poke champions are able to take full advantage of their abilities to keep their enemies at a lower health or kill off low health champions.


Image via Riot Games

Piercing Arrow is a long-range ability that is useful for both chunking enemies and finishing off low-health ones. His ultimate also provides an engage tool that has the potential to catch out multiple champs.


Image via Riot Games

With Bouncing Bomb being on such a low cooldown, Ziggs is able to constantly poke enemies and prevent them from healing. Satchel Carge is a great tool to take down turrets and his ultimate is a great AoE damaging ability that can turn a teamfight.


Image via Riot Games

Ezreal is one of the best poke champions because his Mystic Shot is on a low cooldown and packs a big punch. Ezreal can finish off low enemies with True Barage and give his team a champion advantage.


Image via Riot Games

Xerath has multiple abilities that are long range and provide damage. He is a one-man arsenal that can poke down and finish off enemies while staying safe.


Image via Riot Games

Lux’s kit fits very well into ARAM because she has a bind to catch out enemies, a long range poke tool, a shield, and a long ultimate that deals a lot of damage. Her full combo can instantly take out an enemy champion.


ARAM is known for explosive five vs. five teamfights. Typically the team that is able to engage and catch their opponent unawares win those teamfights. Since the map is small width wise, most large area engage abilities are able to catch multiple enemies.


Image via Riot Games

Zac has a big AoE engage that can catch out many enemies at once and bring squishy members into his own team for easy kills. The healing on his passive allows him to stay healthy in-between fights.


Image via Riot Games

The Flash Tibbers combo has been a dangerous engage tool for most of League’s lifespan and that is no different in ARAM. Annie also provides poke and long range stuns with her other abilities.


Image via Riot Games

Curse of the Sad Mummy is a fantastic ability to start a fight and has the potential to catch the whole team in a long stun. Bandage Toss allows Amumu to get into the backline of the enemy team to catch the squishy targets.


Image via Riot Games

Mao’Kai has many crowd control tools and his massive ultimate can take up the entire width of the map, forcing enemies to flee or be caught in his roots. Mao’Kai’s saplings are a constant annoyance to the enemy team and gives his team stronger brush control.

Honorable mentions: Vel’Koz, Blitzcrank, Brand, Ashe, Fiddleticks, Sion, Jhin, Karma, Malphite

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