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Aviana gets a makeover for The Witchwood

The Druid legendary is returning in a new form.

Joe Russo Apr 2, 2018 7:23 am

It’s Aviana, Jim, but not as we know her.

The Druid legendary minion Aviana rotated out with The Grand Tournament set, but still sees a lot of play in Wild. The card set the cost of all your minions to one mana, setting up some crazy combos.

Now Aviana will be returning to Standard Hearthstone in The Witchwood, but she looks a bit different.

Duskfallen Aviana is a five mana 3/7 minion that reduces the cost of the first card played by each player each turn to zero.

This is a little different to the previous Aviana, because it has an obvious downside—your opponent also gets free cards. They also get to go first with it, by playing this you’ve already played your first card.

But could you do something really cool with it? Probably. There’s some YouTube highlight potential in here. But as we’ve seen with Temporus, giving your opponent the chance to take a big swing before you is probably too big a draw back for consistent play.

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