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Afreeca Freecs seize control of third place from KSV Esports

Afreeca Freecs continue to climb up the LCK ladder.

Ryan Reynolds Feb 27, 2018 5:06 am

Afreeca Freecs took sole possession of third place in the LCK after their impressive 2-0 win over KSV Esports.

Previously tied in the LCK standings with identical match records of 6-3, Afreeca and KSV came into this week’s opener with hopes to bounce back after a few rough losses. Afreeca, who recently suffered their second winless LCK week this year, wanted to break their losing streak. KSV, although they won their last match against last place Kongdoo Monster, continued to falter against top teams and haven’t had a meaningful win in weeks.

KSV began this series with a strong focus on the bot lane. KSV tried to punish Afreeca’s bot lane with multi-man ganks like Jin Air Green Wings, who employed a similar strategy in their victory against Afreeca. This plan worked for KSV, as the team found a couple of kills onto Afeeca’s bot lane duo.  

But once the game transitioned past the laning phase KSV’s problems, which have plagued them for weeks now, cropped up once again. Afreeca started to catch out overextended members of KSV who attempted to push side lanes without proper vision. During teamfights, KSV’s miscommunication gave Afreeca the edge to take over the game.

KSV’s problems persisted into game two. Without an early lead like they had in game one, KSV were crushed by Afreeca. An early teamfight win for Afreeca was all it took for them to snowball the game over KSV. Afreeca used their lead to take countless objectives in the face of KSV. Whenever they tried to defend themselves, would be massacred by Afreeca’s fed players.

Now in control of third place, Afreeca will face a surging SK Telecom T1 on March. 1.

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