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A new esports scholarship is offering $450,000 to would-be esports entrepreneurs

Anyone can pitch an idea, regardless of their background.

Tyler Rake Feb 21, 2018 4:10 pm

If you’ve ever wanted to try turning your esports dream into a reality, then now might be your best chance.

Find Your Grind (FYG), an organization that helps kids explore alternative careers and lifestyles, has teamed up with ReKTGlobal, an esports infrastructure company, to provide a massive $450,000 annual esports scholarship fund that aims to pave the way for teens in the U.S.—regardless of their education level or esports skills—to enter the esports industry in some capacity.

Unlike typical college scholarships, FYG scholarships do not need to be used towards a college degree. The funds instead can be applied to college tuition, or even towards the purchasing of equipment to help start a business. That said, the company says that the scholarship will only be available for teenagers, however, so everyone else will need to look elsewhere for that lucky break.

“FYG scholarships are about stories not scores,” said FYG co-founder Natasha Barritt in the press release. “Our esports scholarships are open to non-athletes and players interested in exploring gaming as a lifestyle path.”

Eligibility for these scholarships are not based on esports skills or grades, but on the student’s background and future aspirations. FYG plans to release more information on esports scholarships in the next few weeks.

FYG is also aiming to show youth in the U.S. that esports is a viable career path through its online platform and curriculum. Students will have access to written and visual content on the website, as well as virtual mentorship opportunities, scholarships, and more.

“With the rapid rise of esports, youth interest in the space is increasing, but so is the need for quality talent,” Amish Shah, Founder of ReKTGlobal, said in the announcement. “We wanted to find a way to give opportunities to students to pursue esports and gaming, but also wanted to support the future of esports by providing the talent that will keep pushing the industry forward.”

As part of the partnership, ReKTGlobal will help guide FYG on its esports strategies and will assist it by creating mentorship opportunities with main industry leaders. ReKTGlobal will also help create content for FYG’s curriculum.

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